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Established in 1983, Traveller Caravans is a family owned and operated business. For 35 years we have prided ourselves on delivering a product that retains traditional core values such as quality workmanship, durability and attention to detail. Whilst incorporating the best of traditional building techniques, we provide a superior product that is contemporary, incorporates new technologies and boasts an aesthetic that will last the test of time. Every Traveller caravan is built with rigid quality control that is inherent in our manufacturing process, from the base frame through to the final touches. We offer a wide variety of layouts that allow customers to ‘custom build’ with the assistance of our professional craftsmen. Whether it’s aesthetics or on-road/off-road features, our team will ensure your van is practical, stable and solid. Our aim is to provide you with a caravan that you will be proud of. We are dedicated to provide ‘Quality without compromise’ so you experience the pleasure and comfort of owning a Traveller Caravan.


Traveller - Utopia


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Trailblazers RV

Main Features


Flexible Layouts

Modern Interior

Light Weight

Fuel effeicient

Safe Towing